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Second-Grade Science Project Turns Into Top YouTube Channel!

January 2014: As part of a project at his Elementary School, Lincoln only needed to answer one question that was on his mind and make a poster board presentation. Little did he know that one question would turn into nearly 6 million subscribers and 900 million views on YouTube.

Lincoln’s question: What’s inside different sports balls?

Rather than just researching on the Internet and printing out photos, they opted to buy various sports balls and cut in half to showcase them on poster board. Dan filmed the process and decided to post the videos on YouTube for Lincoln’s classmates to see how the pair cut open the five sports balls.

December 2014: Unexpectedly, people around the world began watching Dan and Lincoln’s videos. The audience wanted to see MORE things cut open, but more importantly, they wanted to experience the FUN way Lincoln and Dan would make it happen. The duo started posting videos regularly while learning all they could about YouTube.

TODAY: WHAT’S INSIDE? now sits at over 6.5 million subscribers, and over ONE BILLION cumulative views. The father and son duo travel around the world working with leading brands and top Social Media influencers.

They launched a second channel, What’s Inside Family which documents  their behind-the-scenes, Q&As and give a glimpse into their exciting adventures as a family on YouTube. The Family channel has over 1 million subscribers itself!