Meet The What’s Inside?


Daniel Markham


Father of three, and creator of the “WHAT’S INSIDE?” channel, Dan does the cutting. He holds a degree in global business from Arizona State University and spent 12 years as a top sales rep in the Biotech industry. YouTube has become a fun way of life and most of his enjoyment comes from developing stories, editing videos and speaking to others to motivate them to follow their dreams and navigate digital media.

Leslie Markham


Behind the scenes, you’ll find Leslie cheering on her boys. She holds a degree in public relations from Brigham Young University and spent the past 15 years leading strategic communications for a Fortune 100 company. In her spare time, Leslie enjoys traveling, yoga, naps, playing the cello and being with her family.

Lincoln Markham


Creator of the “WHAT’S INSIDE?” channel, 10-year-old Lincoln loves making videos with his dad and family. He enjoys traveling the world (checked off 11 countries in 2016) and opening up fun and interesting objects. When he’s not filming, you’ll find him with his friends playing basketball, flag football, or golf. Lincoln looks forward to becoming a film maker in the future.

Claire Markham


Eight-year-old Claire has a sweet, quiet and fun personality. She enjoys drawing, writing stories, playing with friends, jumping rope, swimming and being with her family. She plans to be a librarian when she grows up. Her favorite WHAT’S INSIDE? video is the Boosted Board and loves any collaborations with Shonduras.

London Markham


Six-year old London has a great imagination and big personality. She love unicorns, kittens, soccer, and playing with dollies and friends. Eventually, she’d like to have her own toy YouTube channel and be a teacher. Her favorite WHAT’S INSIDE? video is the YouTube Silver and Gold Play Buttons.

What’s Inside? recently launched a vlog-style channel

This channel features behind the scenes, Q&As, and highlights their exciting adventures as a family. Check it out – WHAT’S INSIDE? Family